Thursday, June 12, 2008

found critque #1

IT has a really flat, tempera kind of feel. I would suggest when "speed painting" to block out the form in your darkest color, and build it up by painting light shapes (or doing the reverse... block it in lightest value, build up shadow shapes.)If you feel you are losing track of foreshortened portions or shapes, get a new layer up for some quick finding lines.I'm not sure what brush you are using, but it is making it look like finger painting.That orange slit doesn't do anything for the painting. Is it supposed to be the stand-by "squinty eye of doom?" I would recommend reaching deeper and finding an idea for a brilliant eye that invokes "death" rather than "Spawn" (like the comic book.)The "eye" is also in a spot where it doesn't seem to correspond to a face... if feels more like a visor or something.But I think the biggest thing is to gesture out the painting, block in your lights and darks based on a pre-conceived light source, and let the painting find detail when you feel the values actually read as rough volumes.Oh, and, as far as I handle digital painting, which I admit I am still working out my style, I tend to want start with darks and paint in lights with opaque medium, and the opposite for translucent medium.

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