Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The picture of the Earth being taken over by flame represents the balance between chaos and order of Apollo and Dionysus. In Greek mythology, Apollo and Dionysus were both sons of Zeus, Apollo being the god of the sun, order, music, and poetry, and Dionysus being the god of wine, ecstasy, intoxication, and chaos. The Apollonian principles also suggest beauty as opposed to the Dionysian principles which suggest destruction. The picture accurately portrays the differences between the view of an Apollonian and a Dionysian because half of the Earth is destroyed while the other half remains relatively unharmed. Another theme that can be derived from the picture is light versus darkness. On the far left of the picture (the Apollonian side) there is a sun creating light behind the untouched side of the Earth. On the right hand side, there is a moon and darkness overshadowing the destruction of the hemisphere. Although the gods Apollo and Dionysus never considered each other rivals, many of their principles and ideas overlap each other’s and as seen in the picture, they differ greatly.
Apollo: sun, ego, psyche, stoic, mind, reason, thinking, order, restraint, male, hierarchy, science, system, compulsiveness, city, classicism, civilization.

Dionysus: Earth, Id, eros, Epicurean, heart, emotion, feeling, chaos, excess, female, equality, art, spontaneity, impulsiveness, country, romanticism, nature

Friday, September 25, 2009

The movie Spiderman 3, symbolizes the Apollonian and Dionysian characters. The character of Spiderman displays his usual role as a city hero and positive public figure. This side of Spiderman is the Apollonian side; his negative Dionysian side emerges after a meteorite crashes near him. The meteorite crash causes symbiote to attach to Peter (Spiderman) and later brings out the darker, more selfish, indulgent, carefree side of him. This symbiote attachment results in Peter’s Spiderman costume changing to black to represent the Dionysian within him. He begins to do bad deeds instead of good, and hurt people around him. His rage overtakes him and causes him to emotionally and physically hurt his enemies, and even his closest allies. Peter undergoes changes throughout the course of the film from the red, ordinary, Spiderman into the black character of “Venom”. These changes are quite similar to the changes made by the main character in The Curious Incident of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Dr. Jekyll is similar to the red Spiderman, and Mr. Hyde is comparable to Venom. Dr. Jekyll also undergoes bodily changes into a more wicked and sinful character. As Spiderman is Venom, he feels more powerful and stronger, As does Dr. Jekyll when he is embodied by the role of Mr. Hyde.


The song, What was I Thinking, by Dierks Bentley represents both Apollonian and Dionysian traits. In the song, the narrator is thinking irrationally; he only cares about intimate time with Becky, regardless of the consequences. Like a Dionysian, he is thinking based on pleasure, sensuous enjoyment, carelessness, and without reason. He seeks pleasure and sensuous enjoyment, by spending time with Becky. Bentley says, “I was thinking ‘bout a little white tank top sitting right there in the middle by me I was thinking about a long kiss.” Along with seeking sensuous enjoyment and pleasure, this is also careless and thinking without reason. Becky’s father is protective, has a criminal record, and is ready to shoot anyone down who comes after Becky. Bentley makes a big mistake, sneaking Becky out to spend time with her. He now has to face the consequences of Becky’s father.
Although Bentley is clearly predominately Dionysian, his Apollonian side is also embodied through the song. Bentley says, “Oh I knew there’d be Hell to pay,” and questions his actions, “What was I thinking?” This is Apollonian, because he starts to think logically, realizing that his actions were wrong and have negative outcomes. This displays knowledge and realizations, both Apollonian traits. Bentley embodies both Apollonian and Dionysian characteristics throughout What was I Thinking.

Becky was a beauty from South AlabamaHer Daddy had a hard lock and nine pound hammerThink He even did a little time in the slammerWhat was I thinking?She snuck out one night and met me by the front gateHer daddy came out waving that twelve gageWe tore out the drive, he peppered my tailgateWhat was I thinking?Oh I knew there’d be Hell to pay,But that crossed my mind a little too late!ChorusCuz’ I was thinking ‘bout a little white tank top sitting right there in the middle by meI was thinking about a long kiss man just gotta get goin’ with a night like meWell I know what I was feeling But What was I thinking?But What was I thinking?What was I thinking?By the county line the cops were nipping on our heelsPulled off the road kicked it to 4 wheelShut off the lights, tore through a corn fieldWhat was I thinking?Out the other side she was hollerin’ “Faster!��?Took the third road had the radio blastin’Hit the Honky Tonk for a little close dancin’ What was I thinking?Oh I knew there’d be Hell to pay,But that crossed my mind a little too late!ChorusWhen a mountain of a man with a “Born to Kill��? tattoo tried to cut in I knocked out his front toothRan outside hood sliding like BulldukeWhat was I thinking?I finally got her home half past too lateHer daddy’s in a lawn chair sittin’ in the drivewayPut it in park as he started my way,What was I thinking?Oh What was I thinking?Oh What was I thinking?And she gave a come and get me grin, And like a bullet we were gone again!ChorusWhat was I thinking?