Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Eruption of Vesuvius" by Pierre-Jacques Volaire

The piece “Eruption of Vesuvius” was painted by French artist Pierre-Jacques Voltaire. Voltaire’s painting was made in 1774 shortly after the 1774 volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It was painted using various oils which were then transferred and blended onto a panoramic canvas and resulted in this creation. “Eruption of Vesuvius” was produced in Italy, and was original made for the purpose of being hung with a corresponding painting of another volcanic scene.
This composition contrasts the extreme volcanic eruption and in the distance displays the nearby Bay of Naples, and its tranquility. The volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius is the focal point of the composition which is highlighted by the variation of a blend of, glowing oranges and other warm colors. By the intensity and fullness of the ash and smoke being produced through the top of the volcano the array of the danger and importance of this event is conveyed. The oranged puffs of smoke run up from the volcano to the top of the painting and stretch across the sky. Juxtaposed to this cluster of smoke is the placid blue sky filled with distant white puffy clouds. Below these clouds lies a serene, shining body of water. Along side the base of the volcano and stream of molten lava is many rock structures in earth tones. A subtle detail in the painting is the small, proportionate to volcano, silhouettes of people.
In this scene the eruption of Mount Vesuvius is occurring and there are people running for their lives. Subtly it is shown that some of these people have linked arms to hold each other for safety and support. One may question why the artist decided to depict the scene from this point of view. Also it is wondered if the bolder rock is used to show separation between the calm and disastrous areas, or what its purpose is.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"The Titanic" by Willy Stower

“The Titanic” was painted shortly after the actual disaster of the RMS Titanic shockingly sinking. The painting was created by Willy Stöwer who was a well known artist in Germany throughout his life, (1864 – 1931). Stöwer mainly focused on maritime paintings including “The Titanic”, which prevailed the actual scene of the tragedy. After the RMS Titanic sank in 1912 this painting was created but it is unknown when exactly Stöwer formed this black and white realistic scene.
Stöwer uses the blend of the black and white contrast to sharpen the pain of the painting. Also the black and white was smudged all around so the painting would actually look like the scene was full of confusion and not perfectly clear. In “The Titanic” the focal point is the ship sinking and the one life boat, which is shown larger than the others, and these focal points are emphasized by the deep dark shade of black, which causes them to stand out. The focal points also are surrounded by a thin layer of white color to help highlight them. All of the people in the water swimming for their lives shows how unprepared they must have been, which obviously means that this event came as a huge shock. Also the people in the life boats have their arms up and seem to be made and shouting to figure out the situation.
Although the people in “The Titanic” can not be heard, most likely they are upset and shocked, which is shown by their facial expressions and body language. Here the RMS Titanic is sinking and everyone is scrambling to get to safely. But the ship and its crew were obviously very much unprepared. From looking at this painting one may wonder why the people are so blurry and hard to identfy. Also it may be questioned why the ice bergs are pictured so small and calm.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The shock of a car accident

As i began exporing to concept of shock i was thinking of what could come as a shock to people. So i found this picture to potray the shock of a sudden car accident. I will also now begin to expore shock more because i want to make sure it will be a good concept.
hey everyone for my concept folio i was thinking of doing "shock", but im not sure if thats a good idea so let me know what you think!