Monday, March 23, 2009

Colleen O’Neil
Sociology D
Anna Nicole Smith was born November 28, 1967. When she was just 17 she married Billy Wayne Smith and a year later they had a son, Daniel Wayne Smith. After separating with her husband, she needed to support herself and got a job as an exotic dancer. She later began taking modeling and singing lessons which became useful in an audition for playboy. She was soon chosen by Hugh Hefner to be on the cover of playboy, which jump started her career. Her career was very successful and she later met an elderly billionaire, Howard Marshall, who she married. Thirteen months after their marriage, Marshall died and she fought his son for her half of the inheritance. After many court battles she was granted $449,754,134. Although, later the courts made a new ruling which granted he only 88 million dollars and forced her to pay 1 million in legal fees. Her movie acting career was not very successful but her reality TV show “The Anna Nicole Smith Show” became very popular, however after a while it had decreasing ratings.