Thursday, April 9, 2009

Marketing Strategy
I. The market
1. Our target market consists of mainly middle-class and high-class women who are looking for a relaxing getaway.
a. The potential customers are mostly located in the United States. Also most customers will live on the west coast because they will have less travel to the resort, but some will be from the west coast.
b. They will want to visit the resort at all times of the year.
c. Most likely they will pay for their stay with credit/debit cards, but cash and check is always an option.
d. Their motivation to stay at the hotel is the desire for excellent service in a relaxing top of the line resort.
2. Currently the market is competitive but with our excellent services and high quality conditions we stand out from other less extravagant resorts.
a. The market is growing because of the increasing stress in women and growing desire for relaxation.
3. We would like to control a largely significant amount of the west coast spa and resort customers and a few east coast customers.
4. There are many marketing risks involved in this resort because our company is more so a luxury than a necessity and if customers can not afford to stay at the resort it will not be a major priority for them.
5. Yes, our company has prepared a marketing budget. Our startup advertising budget is $250,000 and our annual budget will be $100,000.
6. Our service resort and spa will be promoted using our website, flyers, brochures, TV commercials, etc.
a. The customer will be made aware of our resort through our various methods of advertising and promotion.
b. The customers will be inducted into booking a reservation by the gorgeous appeal of the resort and the irresistible quality and services of the resort.
c. Our company will stand out in the crowd because of our high class quality.
d. Free publicity which we can take advantage of is word of mouth.
7. Pricing strategy
a. All of our prices for the treatments, room reservations and classes are provided on our brochure.
b. There will be a few discounts offered such as if a customer books a room they will be allowed complimentary access to classes, the sauna, stream rooms and our private beach.
c. The costs of different services which we offer will vary.
II. The product or service
1. The services which will be available are fully described on our website and in our brochures.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Camila Evita Lopez de Rodriguez
Calle Palmera, 23
28070 Madrid, España
34 -61-397-0031

PUESTO DESEADO: vendedora de tiempo parcial

EDUCACIÓN: Colegio de Madrid
Madrid, España

Universidad de Navarra
Navarra, España

EXPERIENCIA: El Corte Inglés
(relacionada Madrid, España
con el puesto) Vendedora
- Vendía mercadería
- Inspeccionaba otros empleados
- Mantengaba servicio de clienete

DESTREZAS: Destrezas de Computadores: Microsoft Word, Excel, y Powerpoint
Destrezas de Personal: amable, amistoso, simpática, determinado y ayudante
Currículo Vital