Tuesday, March 11, 2008

“Murder of Julian Cesar”- Irina Gornostaeva

This piece of artwork, “Murder of Julius Caesar” was created intricately by Irina Gornostaeva. Gornostaeva is a Russian oil painting artist and this particular painting was created using Gornostaeva’s traditional oils on canvas. It is a small diploma work but its size does not decline its value. The artist is a realistic painter so this, along with her other works of art is realistic painting.
This painting’s focal point is the many men which surround and seem to be running towards Julius Caesar who is in the middle of all of the men. The men are clothed in white, cream colored togas. These togas have a reed stripe for a trim long the bottom and arm holes. They are all raising their arms and making a fist in the direction of Caesar. To add emphasis and to identify Caesar he is dressed in the vibrant colors of lemon yellow and blood red. He is sprawled across the steps with his arm raised as if to protect himself. One man in particular is leaning over Caesar, dagger in hand. Above all characters seems to be an illuminating light which shines brightly across the tiled floor. It adds a glow to the pattern of the floor with is circles of coral and light yellow, which ironically somewhat match Caesar’s outfit. A large white monument behind all the characters which has roman numerals on its side and the feet of a statue are shown all though the rest of the statue is cut off. In the background there are numerous paintings and carvings on the wall, which are traditional for Roman buildings. Faintly you can see the outside which seems to be a garden that is very peaceful and tranquil compared to the terrifying atmosphere inside the building.
This composition conveys the historical story of the murder of Julius Caesar, which took place in the year 44BC in ancient Rome. The many men seem to be attacking Caesar and getting ready to kill him. Caesar is feeling the tension in the air and knows he is about to be killed. Men are coming at him with chairs, daggers, and even there own body, as a weapon, the end is near.

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