Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This young boy of only the age of nine, Jack Sticford has been deserted and left to die. He is now walking aimlessly throughout the fields of Africa. There is no life for miles except for the sparse, every now and then, animals which wander the area. Jack and his family came over from the United States of America. Because his parents were English missionaries and thought they could assist in the soling of problems in Africa. Because of their influence over people, a select group decided to torch the Sticford house, putting Jack’s parents and younger sister to death. Jack was left feeling hopeless, with no one to turn to. If he asked for help and told his story there is a chance he would also be killed. Since he is only nine he decided to walk back to his grandparents in the United States, thinking that it would not be very far.
Jack is huddled hugging his own shivering body. He has carried an empty potato sack which he found in his yard before his departure, and is now using it to smother his frail starving body for any possible warmth. The wind is sharply bighting his back causing him to shake. It is beginning to get dark and late so Jack has chosen this area for his nights rest, hoping if rain comes the thin tree above would protect him slightly. Jack has not eaten for 2 days now and wishes he had the courage and ability to kill an animal which passes by for food. The straw, sun burned grass will become his bed for the night and he hopes to begin on his journey the next day.
Jack’s only source of food was also this grass and whatever else he could find, and his only water was the small filled canteen he had brought along with him. After six days of living and walking under these conditions one night, while in his sleep Jack died of starvation and hypothermia.

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