Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 1
Because I have just started I am still in the process of learning all the students’ names and getting comfortable in the classroom. Mrs. Laconte introduced me to the students as Miss. O’Neil, but they have gotten used to calling me Miss O. Now I am mostly just observing how the classroom is operated and the daily routines. Every day I have been helping Mrs. Laconte by putting all of the students’ “mail” and papers in their “mailboxes” for them to later get and bring home. Also, I have been passing out their “home folders” and going around the classroom to check that they have written their homework correctly every day. Another activity I did this week was I read a short story to the class as a practice for a longer story which I will be reading next week. On Thursday, I helped the students prepare a bingo game of their classmates’ names which they played on Friday.
Week 2
This week I got to try more student interaction, as I have become more comfortable in the classroom. I have learned the daily routines of the teacher and developed my own routine of my every day responsibilities. I did a “read-a-loud”, reading a story focusing on this week’s lesson of space. Also I got the privilege of doing a one on one reading practice with a student. On Tuesday I helped Mrs. Laconte by using the children’s artwork to create the bulletin board outside of her classroom. I still perform my daily duties of helping pass out papers, home folders and checking the student’s daily recordings of their homework assignments.
help them with their daily assignments and assist them with their spelling when I write a word the don’t know how to spell in their spelling books so they can have it for future reference, help kids with computers in computer lab

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