Friday, February 6, 2009

Persuasive Speech Outline to Complete
General Purpose: to present information about homeschooling
Specific Purpose: to persuade the audience that all children should be socialized in schools
I. Opening Statement of Interest why should children be confided to their homes to learn material which should be learned in schools? If a child is home schooled they lose major social interaction which their lack of social interaction will hurt them later in life.
A. Reason (s) to Listen Even if you are not homeschooled and you don’t know someone who is, there are many children in the world who have not been able to experience school because they are homeschooled. There is more to school then just the education aspect, but if a child is homeschooled that is the only part of school they experience.
B. Speaker Credibility Through research many government officials have found that homeschooling causes a child to miss out on interaction with people outside the family, cause them to have a difficult time “developing emotionally in a broader world than the parents' 'cloistered' setting", and homeschooling restricts children from having more people in their life to help them if they are having a problem. By confining children later in life if they decided to attend college they will enter being very naive about other people and how different types of people may act. Because of these reasons, in California homeschooling has been banned and children ages 6-18 MUST attend a private/ public fulltime day- school or be tutored by a teacher with teaching credentials.
C. Thesis Statement As a result of homeschooling many children enter college and the work force without the life experiences to socially interact at the same level as their peers.
II. Statement of Need: It is very important that children should have the experience of schooling amongst peers to help them develop and mold into well rounded adults.
A. Illustration: Their whole life a child may be educated by their parent(s) which may work for the time being but if the child decides to attend college they may have a problem. When entering college, they will be unaware of how other people their age may act. Also they may be naïve and inexperienced in social situations. They will also be very impersonal which could seriously hurt them in life.
B. Ramifications
1. It has been proven that to be a healthy individual one must obtain good emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and social health. By excluding children from their peers in school their social and emotional health is being jeopardized. Children learn so much more in school besides the educational value, they learn about themselves and people in general. They also learn how to work with others and trust other people. School is a place where children can make mistakes and not have to suffer extreme consequences, as they would as an adult.

C. Pointing: Homeschooling is more hurting a child and their emotional and social development than helping them. Homeschooling should only be allowed in severe situations where the child is disabled or cannot attend school for a medical reason.
III. Statement of Solution : Banning homeschooling is essential to the health of our children, the future leaders of the world.
A. Explanation of Solution : Parents should not be allowed to home school their children unless there is a medical problem which prevents the student from attending school and in that case the student should have a certified tutor. If the family cannot afford a tutor, one will be provided by the state.
B. Theoretical Demonstration
1. By having children enrolled in schools they then get interaction with other and can learn from and be positively influenced by others.
C. Practical Experience : In California they have successfully implemented restrictions against homeschooling. Also by knowing more people children have more of an opportunity to get help if they need it. And in school they will have a greater chance to learn to develop successfully, emotionally.
D. Meeting Objections
1. Many may protest that they do not want their children to interact with others and learn about things, that the parents want to shelter them from. But in the end what is best for the child must be done.
IV. Restatement of Proposed Solution
A. Negative Visualization: If more states do not develop laws against homeschooling there will be many children each year which do not get the full experience of being a child and growing up. Also many children will learn later in life that they are just not as completive in the work force, because of their restrictions earlier in life.
B. Positive Visualization: if more states do develop laws prohibiting homeschooling then all children will have equal opportunities later in life.
V. Restatement and Summary
A. Statement of Specific Action or Attitude Change
B. Statement of Personal Interest
C. Reason to Remember

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