Tuesday, April 8, 2008

narraitve #3

Just a short time ago I was fighting flames bigger than my entire house. I have fought my way through the ciaos, in search for lost bodies of possible trapped survivors. Every bone and muscle in my body aches and I feel as if I have no more energy left to give. Yet I know that what I have done today was what I was born to do. I have found a total of 17 people, I have saved 17 lives. As I look at them I realize, all of these people are just ordinary people, the man next door, the lost little girl, crazy teenager, the soccer mom, the list just goes on and on. And now I stand here in awe of what I have just witnesses, a true act of terrorism. The state of New York has become a major victim and its residents are in a panic.
The air is thick and smoky causing me to gasp for each breath. The atmosphere around me is sweltering, feeling as if it is almost burning my skin off my body. My heavy fireman’s pants flow around my legs and my simple Hanes cotton, navy blue T-shirt covers my upper body. This clothing has not protected my skin from the sticky, dried blanket of dirt covering me now. Cool sweat trickles down my body as the heat increases. Tears stream down my face as a stare out at what used to be the Twin Towers of New York City. My rusting black helmet had become weighty on my head. There is the symbol of American tilted upon my helmet, a miniature American Flag. The flag is brand new, and clean with bright patriotic colors to stand out in this mess. Around my bulky boots lie aimless pieces of debris. As I walk I hear the crunching sound of the debris breaking. There is card board, metal, plastic, any substance which can be imagined. It piles up to my knees causing a handicap when I attempt to walk. I hear rescue helicopters flying high above my head in search for more victims.
Some buildings around are still crumbling. What was yesterday, a building’s a window, doors or walls, is now covering the pavement like a blanket.

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Taylor M. said...

I like your narrative, it is moving and emotional. Good job!